28 women leave NI each week, crossing the waters seeking treatment.

Behind every statistic is a real woman.

Now For The North is the latest site-specific, immersive piece of “choice” theatre from Three’s Theatre Company. You'll journey around the MAC exploring reproductive rights in Northern Ireland - you'd normally get a choice of the journey to take, but as NI women don't have that option, Three's will choose for you.

"We are here to speak out and tell the stories. Behind every statistic there is a woman*... A real woman with a life, passions, commitments, a family and friends. A woman who is not being supported by their government, a woman who must travel to receive the medical help they need.

We are not ashamed, we will stand for our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers, our cousins, our friends. Northern Ireland, We Want Change".

- Anna Leckey, Artistic Director, Three's Theatre Company

Supported by Alliance For Choice - 20% of ticket sales will go to support their cause.

*When using the word woman/women we are referring to those with wombs who are making this journey. We are aware that not everyone with a womb identifies as a woman, we intend no offence by this, whether non-binary or transgender, we stand for you too.

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