All magic is not the same. Midweek Magic Club is the magic equivalent of a garage band playing in a sweaty basement bar.

It’s rough, it’s intimate, it’s full of raw energy and we’re going to be right up in your faces blowing your minds.

MWMC is a two and a half hour event which is all about the close up. Close up magic that happens right at your table. It was the first event that Seedhead ever set up and it’s still one of our favourites because it changes the dynamic of what it means to go to a show. It’s an event that allows you to see old friends or make new ones because the micro performances are spread out over the evening, allowing you to socialise and have a beer in-between. There’s really not another night like it in Belfast.

It’s always different, always rowdy and ALWAYS worth leaving the house on a Wednesday for.

*Strictly over 18s*

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