Belfast Exposed is proud to present Eleven Voices, a two-week residency and photographic exhibition by Magnum photographer Antoine d'Agata.

The artist has been commissioned by Belfast Exposed to create an exhibition responding to contemporary Belfast. Antoine will circumnavigate the city roughly following the ring road, flowing in towards the city centre and out towards the urban suburbs. Along his journey he will encounter eleven different people from diverse backgrounds, recording and capturing their voices, combining these narratives into a text that represents contemporary Belfast. The interviewees will remain anonymous, rather, the artist will explore the thematic links between them and Belfast itself. The exhibition will emerge from photographs taken on this journey and as a response to the eleven stories told.

The artist will work in Belfast Exposed's gallery researching and exploring the concept and logistics of the exhibition. In week two, the artist will invite groups, students and the general public to visit the gallery and discuss with him, and view, the work taking place.

Exhibition Schedule:

Residency (Open to Public): 21 - 25 October, 12pm - 2pm
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 7 November, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition Dates: 8 November - 21 December"

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