Max Pinckers
Margins of Excess exists at the intersection between accepted truth and subjective realities, between fact and fiction. The series focuses on the stories of six characters based in North America all of whom momentarily received nationwide attention in the US press.

Darius McCollum drew the limelight through his compulsive highjacking of trains, Herman Rosenblat through his self-invented love-story set in a concentration camp during WWII and Ali Alqaisi for his claim to be the ‘hooded man’ in the iconic photo from Abu Ghraib prison. Each of these characters maintain their own highly personal sense of individual truth but all were unmasked by the press and portrayed as frauds or con artists.

In responding to our so-called post-truth era, Margins of Excess proposes a new multi-layered approach to documentary photography, one where the definitions between truth, fiction and entertainment are fluid. The artist notes “I want to embrace a form of ‘realism’, rather than representing reality itself. Instead of experiencing images as objective representations, we should see them as proposals, or little arguments. My motive is not to unveil the reality behind illusion but to perceive the reality in the illusion itself.”

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